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Our simple, free medication management app helps millions of people
stay on track with their meds and measurements.
Caregiver Support

Add a family member or loved one to get notified in case you miss a dose - all discretely and free!

See Your Reports

Instantly see your daily, weekly and monthly medication progress, as well as your reports from wearables and apps!

Highest Rated

Our simple, award-winning mobile app and platform is designed with you in mind, with 4.7 stars from 200,000 reviewers!

All in One Place

Finally have all your meds, doses, reports, diary note, appointments and measurements in one place!

Always At Your Fingertips

With our best in the class web dashboard, get 24x7 access to your campaigns, reports, todos, milestones, teams and reports.

More Than Just a Reminder

More than 5 million people have installed Medisafe, entrusting us with more than 10 million doses, enabling them to focus on living their lives to the fullest.

Download our free pill reminder app:

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"A Huge Lifesaver for Me!"

Medisafe is a huge life saver for me. This app has helped me not miss a single dose of my meds. Prior, I was not only forgetting my meds, but I was forgetting if I took my meds already and sometimes double-dosing.

Bruce (iPhone Review) / 2017

“I Want to Cry at How Much It Means to Me”

The new “drug interactions” - the fact that it will take all your meds in account and alert you to possible issues, let me tell you, I want to cry at how much it means to me. If my pharmacy can’t alert me to issues (because I have four doctors and no one checks and the pharmacy can’t spare the time to look) thankfully I have the Medisafe Team in my corner to help me out. - Erika Wilkinson

Erika (iPhone Review) / 2018

"I Really Do Love This App"

Super. Great app. I know most people just say it but I really do love this app!

Beto (iPhone Review) / 2018

Awesome for Loved Ones

Awesome app! My girlfriend can never remember to take her medication. With this app I am able to monitor her medication and text message her reminders when she forgets!

"BayAreaHerbivore" (iPhone Review) / 2017

Bravo! "It Really Works"

This is one of those apps that really a works and is extremely good for the elderly and those relying on a sound reminder timer with taking multiple medications. Bravo. And, thank you! A lifesaver!  

"Makael" (iPhone Review) / 2017

"This App Saved My Sanity!"

This app has saved my sanity in trying to organize multiple prescriptions after my daughters spinal fusion surgery. My husband is able to view from his phone the scheduled medicines and administer while I'm away. Thank you for a great app!

"Home School Mom" on Twitter / 2017

“Saved My Life”

Medisafe saved my life. I take 13 different medications at 5 times a day intervals. My Doctor is linked in with me and knows exactly how I'm doing even down to mood and pain level. It's the next best thing since sliced bread.

Denise (Android Review) / 2017

“Has Been My Life Saver.... Easy, Clear App”

This app has been my life saver! I can't recommend this enough! I was in hospital last week and was able to show the doctors what I was on, including all supplements I take. Even the doctors were impressed with this app that they wrote down the name and said they will recommend it to their other patients! Thank you for making such an easy, clear app for people who have to take so much medication!

Emily (Android Review) / 2018

“May Have Saved My Life...Pointed out a Serious Reaction”

This is the best med tracker tool I’ve ever used! It even may have saved my life when it pointed out a serious reaction between some of my meds that neither my doctor or the pharmacist mentioned.

Krystal (iPhone Review) / 2018

Medisafe is "Superduper Awesomeness"

This app has been amazing. Keeps track of the alerts, the time you take it, as well as being able to customize the pill and its description. If you take more than 1 type of pill a day, this may be the best app you can ever find. Never again will I miss a dose!

"Ekscentrix" (iPhone Review) / 2017


We're the world's leading pill organizer and reminder app
and we take pride in being a small part of more than 5M patient journeys worldwide since 2012 - for all conditions, not just one.

Home Afib App

Track your Warfarin, Xarelto Eliquis or Pradaxa and provide insights to your caregiver.  Free.

Home Asthma App

Keep track of your inhaler doses, get refill reminders and track peak flow measurements all in one place. Free.

Home Blood Pressure App

Add all your ACE inhibitors, beta blockers and more to manage and track your blood pressure in one place. Free.

Home Cancer Medication App

Medisafe helps patients manage their medications, treatment plans and journey, all in one place. Free.

Home COPD  App

Whether rescue inhalers or oral steroids, Medisafe can help keep you on track. All in one free app.

Home Diabetes App

Medisafe reminds you to take insulin, track your blood glucose, refill reminders and more. All in one free app.

Home Heart Disease App

For arrhythmia, coronary artery disease, hypertension, heart failure or stroke meds and more, keep track.

Home HIV App

Discreet notifications & privacy safeguards to help you stay on track with your medication. Free.

Home Mental Health App

Keep track of all your medication doses, refills and mood measurements in one pill organizer.  Free.

Download our pill reminder app (free):

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Our handy, and incredibly easy-to-use app is helping people worldwide.

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The exciting part of what we do is being a small part of successful patient journeys.
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